Innovation is at the heart of a successful, sustainable and just energy transformation, essential in mitigating the impacts of climate change while improving energy security.

A sustainable energy system is only achievable by taking full advantage of the best innovations in energy products and services across the sectors that use them. IRENA closely monitors the development of energy technologies, develops a fuller understanding of the opportunities they offer, and works with partners to disseminate them widely.

  • Digitalisation


    Digital technologies, such as the Internet of things, AI & Big data and blockchain, support the integration of renewables through faster response and optimised use of assets.
  • Electrification


    Electrification with renewables of transport, buildings and industry energy demand offers the chance to decarbonise those sectors while integrating high shares of renewables, if managed smartly.
  • Systemic innovation

    Systemic innovation

    Optimising the synergies between innovations in all components of the system (technology, business models, market design, system operation) makes smart on-the-ground solutions possible.
  • Innovation indicators

    Innovation indicators

    Innovation indicators, such as metrics deriving from data on patents and standards, provide essential evidence to track progress made in energy technology development.
  • Quality and standards

    Quality & Standards

    Quality infrastructure and standards enable up-to-date renewable energy products and services, mitigating technical risks and building trust to support their deployment.