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International cooperation and enduring partnerships with all stakeholders are essential to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy.

Multilateral partnerships: Initiatives

  • SIDS Lighthouses Initiative

    SIDS Lighthouses Initiative

    This initiative is a framework for action which brings together 38 SIDS and 31 partners to support island's energy transformation and climate action.
  • Global Geothermal Alliance

    Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA)

    GGA serves as a platform for dialogue, cooperation and coordinated action between the geothermal industry, policy makers and stakeholders worldwide to increase the use of geothermal energy, both in power generation and direct use of heat.
  • Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA)

    Bringing together governments, the private sector and international organisations, the Alliance aims to drive ambitions and remove barriers to realise the unique opportunity of offshore wind power and accelerate its deployment in line with climate targets.
  • Beyond Food Clean Cooking Platform

    IRENA co-founded the Beyond Food Clean Cooking Platform (BFCCP) to unlock the potential that renewable energy offers to clean cooking access by fostering cooperation and coordinating actions which focus on policy, enterprise development, gender equality and facilitating finance.
  • Alliance for Industry Decarbonization

    This initiative provides the necessary cross-sector collaboration to confront the industrial sector's urgent and mutually beneficial need to decarbonize. It aims to strengthen dialogue and coordinated action with a focus on industrial value chains and renewables-based solutions.
  • Utilities for Net Zero Alliance (UNEZA)

    UNEZA serves as an international platform for cooperation among entities operating within the power utilities ecosystem, to address and overcome common barriers to the realisation of net zero ambitions and more near-term emissions reduction targets. Through it, shaping dynamic new partnerships, and forging effective channels for dialogue with key public and private stakeholders.

Multilateral partnerships: Cooperation platforms

  • Collaborative-Frameworks

    Collaborative Frameworks

    Collaborative Frameworks are serving as effective vehicles for dialogue, peer-to-peer collaboration and exchange of knowledge among Member countries and beyond.
  • Coalition for Action

    Coalition for Action

    Coalition brings together over 120 leading renewable energy players including private sector companies, industry associations, civil society, research institutes and intergovernmental organisations to promote the wider and faster uptake of renewable energy technologies.
  • Energy Transition Accelerator Financing (ETAF) Platform

    Energy Transition Accelerator Financing (ETAF) Platform

    ETAF is an inclusive, multi-stakeholder climate finance platform. ETAF pursues facilitating capital mobilisation to scale up the development of renewable energy projects to advance the energy transition across emerging markets.
  • Climate Investment Platform

    Climate Investment Platform (CIP)

    A joint initiative with a mandate to increase capital mobilisation and renewable energy investment in developing countries. IRENA focuses on technical assistance for projects to reach commercial feasibility readiness for matchmaking with financial institutions or partners.


    IOREC is the global platform dedicated to sharing experience, best practices, identifying synergies and forging partnerships in off-grid renewable energy
  • Youth engagement

    Youth Engagement

    IRENA encourages youth to identify the role that they can play in shaping the energy transition within their communities and engages youth through capacity-building initiatives on governance, education and innovation.
  • Parliamentary network

    Parliamentary network

    IRENA engages with members of parliament and legislators globally, disseminating relevant and up-to-date information, establishing an active network of renewable energy champions, and facilitating exchanges best practices.

Bilateral partnerships

IRENA engages bilaterally with a range of private sector actors, organisations and countries to create synergies that accelerate the energy transition globally.

  • Organisations

    IRENA collaborates with various organisations to develop synergies that promote the widespread and increased adoption of renewable energy.
  • Private sector partnerships

    Private sector partnerships

    Guidelines for co-operation with the private sector and information on current private sector partnerships set with an aim to advance energy transformation.