Third Meeting of the Collaborative Framework on the Critical Materials for the Energy Transition

The third meeting of the Collaborative Framework on Critical Materials for the Energy Transition (CFCM) will take place virtually on Thursday, 4 April 2024.

The second meeting of the CFCM took place in October 2023 in the lead-up to COP 28. The session delved into the Agency's work on Geopolitics and Critical Materials and offered an update on the Agency's current and forthcoming activities on critical materials. Member states actively contributed their perspectives to shape work plans and prioritize key areas. Country representatives engaged in the exchange of experiences and lessons learned in the critical materials domain, covering the release of numerous national critical materials strategies and policy frameworks. Key themes identified included sustainability, the complexity of addressing critical material supply chains, and the necessity for comprehensive policy frameworks, which have helped frame IRENA’s analysis on critical materials.

The second meeting also marked the election of Co-Facilitators for the new term, where Peru and the United Kingdom formally passed on their roles to Italy and Mexico.

The third meeting of the CFCM aims to offer an overview of how innovation can effectively mitigate potential critical material supply shortfalls. This overarching theme will be explored through presentations by industry, academia, and public sector experts in diverse energy transition technologies, all aimed at reducing critical material demand through pioneering innovations. The session will also provide an opportunity for Members to actively engage by intervening and posing questions directly to the presenters.

Meeting participation is by invitation only.

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